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Tree Root Removal

Umbrella Plumbing specializes in tree root removal from plumbing lines. If your sewer pipe seems to back up every now and then, it could be a result of tree roots infiltrating your sewer line. These roots grow through the pipe, causing cracks, which can result in sewage water filling your yard, or causing clogs, which makes toilet flushes and drains in your home backup. If you have your drainage or sewage pipe cleaned, it won’t be a viable solution for your lines, because the roots are going to continue to grow and block your pipe. The only solution is to completely remove the tree roots. Umbrella Plumbing specializes in this service. Tree roots are strong and invasive. You’ll often see roots forcing their way up through asphalt and cement, so it’s clear to see how they can plow through pipes. Once a tree’s roots reache your drainage pipe it will begin to grow around it and slowly put weight and pressure on it, which causes it to crack.

Many times smaller roots will grown through the pipe, causing blocks. We have the special equipment and expertise to get the job done right the first time. We will also use equipment that tells us whether your pipeline is cracked or intact. Plus, all of the techniques we use are non-invasive so that we spare your surface structures. We will explain exactly what needs to be fixed prior to starting the job and we will make sure that everything is as clean as we found it prior to the work. If you suspect a tree roots problem call Umbrella Plumbing today.