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Umbrella Plumbing – Your Plumbers in Pink

Umbrella Plumbing Repair is a full-service plumbing contractor. We are licensed and insured, and our technicians are professionally trained in the repair and installation of all plumbing systems and fixtures. We are also Accredited Green Plumbers! Umbrella Plumbing is the one-stop shop for all of your plumbing needs. We treat your home with great care, and work efficiently to get your home or office up and running quickly. We strive to do the job right the full time and provide the best customer service. We will always provide an accurate quote and obtain approval before doing work so there are never any surprises when the job is done.

Plumbing Repair

Water Heaters

  • Gas, electric, propane
  • Residential & commercial
  • All sizes

Faucets: All brands available for sinks, tubs, showers & outside hose bibs

Fixtures: Toilets, bathtubs, sinks, showers

Garbage disposals: Quality products at competitive rates.

Water & Sewer Lines: Free estimates on repairs & replacements

Leaks: Repaired in water, drain & gas lines

Gas lines: Piping installed for gas ranges, fireplaces, barbecues, fire pits, clothes dryers.

Customer Supplied: We will be HAPPY to PROFESSIONALLY install any item you provide and we guarantee the quality of the labor we provide!

Backflow Systems: Installations and certifications

Water use analysis: As Green Plumbers we can identify leaks and offer assistance in areas of water loss prevention, conservation and purification.

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Service is available 24 hours a day. We schedule service when it is convienient for you. We’re equipped to handle blockages in ANY size drain, from sinks to sewers. We also guarantee results. If we do not clear a stopped drain there is no charge. Please call for details.

Cable Line-Cleaning

Our professional equipment is used to clear drain and sewer lines. All vehicles carry at least 3 various sizes of machines, cables and cutting blades to not only clear the blockage but also scour the pipes to assure the problem doesn’t re-occur. We don’t just unplug pipes — We CLEAN them!

Hot Water High Pressure Jetting

Using high-pressure water to scour the inside of drain and sewer pipes, line jetting blasts away loose sediment such as grease and sludge more effectively than cabling. Small mini-jetters clear smaller lines such as kitchen lines, floor drains and house & building main lines. Larger trailer-mounted jetters clear blockages in larger sewer lines for apartments, condos, shopping centers and mobile home parks.

Sewer Inspection & Location

With modern technology, in the form of fiber optics, we can show you the condition of your drain & sewer lines from the inside of the pipes, and even provide you with a video recording in DVD format. Commonly used during inspections before buying or selling a home or commercial building, or to determine whether a line needs to be repaired or replaced. We also use an electric locating device that precisely pinpoints the exact location of a defect to prevent unnecessary digging. Our location service is GUARANTEED to be accurate within 1 inch!

Same Day Quality Service! Your emergency is our emergency! We’ll get it repaired CORRECTLY!

On-time guarantee! We’ll be there when we promise or we’ll give you an instant $25.00 discount. Your time is valuable and we know it!